Quality dentures

Based in the same Dudley building, the Denture Clinic offers you the opportunity to be exposed to some of the profession’s most innovative procedures.

We’re passionate about the transformations our work can achieve and with more than 30 years’ experience you can be sure your smile is safe with us.

‘Natural’ is our hallmark as we embrace your goals in helping restore lost looks with teeth that not only impress, but are functional and comfortable too.

You can choose from a broad clinical palette of options, including traditional dentures, suction dentures or implant stabilised dentures.

We also offer partial dentures, cosmetic dentures, chrome dentures, copy dentures, denture stabilisation therapy, immediate dentures, while-you-wait denture deep cleaning and same-day repairs.

Implant retained over-dentures

The same exacting standards apply to the production of our implant retained dentures. We use the highest quality materials and the most natural-looking and hardwearing teeth available to us. Results can be stunning and often the effect on facial anatomy can appear to push back the ageing process ten years.

Suction dentures

The non-invasive Ultra Suction Dentures solution is from New Zealand and has been around in the UK for some four years. During that time the system has caught the imagination of British denture wearers and it continues to generates the biggest number of inquiries at the Denture Clinic.

A small diaphragm seals off a one-way valve under bite pressure, creating a ‘sucking’ vacuum between the denture and gums. This result in a tighter fit, improving resistance to any dislodging forces created by speaking and eating. The device can be engineered into in upper or lower prosthetics.

Teeth in a single day

We are also able to offer patients implant-retained prosthetics where a full arch of teeth could be permanently secured in a single day. Find out if you’re a suitable candidate – call and make an appointment. The first consultation is complimentary.

quality dentures

Quality dentures

All of our dentures are hand crafted on the premises in our high-tech, modern laboratory. Our technicians have been hand-picked for their skills and Practice Principal Steven Burchell Dip CDT RCS(Eng) has a special interest in producing only the highest quality prosthetics.

The on-site laboratory enables a simple, but seamless workflow that is fastidiously monitored for quality control.

Traditional quality dentures are a mainstay of the practice and for the untrained eye it is difficult to tell whether Steven’s patients have native teeth or are wearing a prosthetic.

Interest-free credit

The clinic is now able to offer the option of spreading the cost of denture work over 6, 10 or 12 months, interest free. Having agreed costs of treatment, the clinic will make an application on your behalf – it’s as simple as that.

For extended credit terms (more than 12 months) an offer of 7.9APR is available.

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  • Traditional quality dentures.
  • Partial dentures.
  • Suction dentures.
  • Chrome dentures.
  • Implant-retained dentures.
  • Copy dentures.
  • Same day denture repairs.
  • Denture stabilisation.
  • Denture relines.
  • Denture soft linings.
  • Cosmetic enhancement.
  • Same day implant dentures.
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