Ivor’s case study

Reviving Ivor’s smile

In all ways Ivor Brookes is gentle giant – a warm, engaging health professional, who is now rediscovering that his lips are moving when he talks.

The 53-year-old Radiographer and ultrasound diagnostics clinician laughs easily and is generous with his compliments and smiles.

Finding his lips again, he admits has been a strange experience but he’s “getting more used to it” as every day passes.

Until recently, Ivor had endured major problems with his teeth. Recurring abscesses beneath his lower back molars had resulted in extractions, but that was just the beginning of a 15-year period with his teeth in gradual decline.

Now after major restorative dentistry most of his mouth has been rebuilt at the North Street Dental and Implant Clinic, Dudley, where he has been a patient for three generations of dentists.

Dental surgeon Polly (GDC No 188090), a Doctor of Dental Medicine with a particular interest in restorative, cosmetic and paediatric fields, has rebuild both the upper and lower arches of Ivor’s teeth.

It’s a procedure that has included 12 root canal fillings, 13 bonded crowns and bridgework.

The result is nothing short of a transformation. The aesthetic dentistry looks natural and the new teeth structure has reshaped Ivor’s face and realigned his bite.

“I had suffered with abscesses on under my upper molars on both sides of my mouth and the teeth had to come out. There really wasn’t another option.

“From then on there was a very gradual deterioration of my teeth and at first I really didn’t notice, but losing my upper molars meant that I was chewing more and more on my front teeth,
“Eventually I literally ground down my front teeth – I had very little left in the lower jaw, just a few millimetres of stumps and my top teeth were irregular.”

He recalls: ”It became difficult to take a bite out of an apple and I resorted to carrying a pocket knife to cut chunks off the fruit. Things happened so gradually that I really didn’t notice the changes that were happening.”

Ivor’s journey to restoration really began nearly two years ago when he visited North Street suffering with a sensitive tooth.

“I didn’t like two of the options that were presented – I certainly didn’t want a full clearance of my teeth or dentures, or for that matter, dentures fixed on implants. But I was more comfortable with the restorative dentistry route and after weighing things up decided to start my treatment with Polly 10 months ago,” says Ivor.

Before the procedures were completed Ivor realised he was “speaking though a small hole.” Subconsciously he was holding his lips closer together. “People were often asking me to speak louder or complained that I was mumbling and I wasn’t even aware of it.

“Now it feels really odd as my lips are beginning to move properly again – but I’m getting more used to it and I’m really happy with the teeth,” adds the crown green bowls enthusiast.

Polly, who joined the team in Dudley after working in Michigan, USA, at a prestigious cosmetic dental centre, says: “When we fitted the final crowns there was a marked change in Ivor’s facial features and his speech is now definitely clearer.

“He’s been a great patient – ten months of dentistry and I’m a fairly fast worker – and the results are excellent. The restorative work looks so natural and he will gain normal function with speech and eating more and more as time goes on.

“Key to this therapy were the good, healthy gums Ivor has. They were not infected, so I was able to proceed with a lot of restorative work.”

And what of the North Street and Dental Clinic care? “At no time did I feel excluded from what was going on. I always felt in control myself and Polly instilled so much confidence in me as she took me through all of the work.

“It was first class – the nursing and everything – and it was all as pain-free as it possibly could be, even the injections.

“She used an ultra-fine needle to administer the anaesthesia and all I felt was a little pressure of the anaesthetic going into the tissue.”

Ivor is now planning to replace his missing molars with implant teeth, which will be carried out in North Street in due course.

case file ivor after

Ivor’s case study – Ivor after his treatment at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic

case file ivor before

Ivor’s case study – Before the restorative work –
Ivor’s irregular and damaged teeth

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