Andy’s case study

How failing teeth affected tyre boss, and the clever dentistry that helped restore his lifestyle

Andy Page – better known as Mr Kingswinford Tyres – prides himself in being fit to take on a stiff challenge.

The former Thai boxer and martial arts expert, with an enduring love of the great outdoors, confesses he’s humbled to still be at the peak of his game as a 49-year-old.

With “a great family” and a fast-fit business that enjoys accolades aplenty, the bodybuilder’s reputation as a giant-killer goes before him.

Not least, is his compensation triumph over Lidl, when his former business site in Stallings Lane came under threat with the supermarket chain’s development plans.

But there was one battle, he admits “that almost had me beaten” – trouble with his teeth.

Taking time out from his workshop bays and the stream of phone calls at his new premises in Dawley Brook Road, Andy reflects on what he describes as “an horrendous journey.”

His lower, front four teeth had become mobile and painful, as hereditary gum erosion had taken hold.

Several attempts to save them with “a metal splint and fillings” had failed.

“Looking back I seemed to be living at the dentists. My teeth were loose and painful and treatment just hadn’t worked.

“I have very positive outlook, but the teeth were horribly uncomfortable all of the time. No matter what I did I could not escape the discomfort and even when I sought treatment from a second dentist, the problem was still not resolved. I was just handing over money only to endure more pain.

“It made me ill . . . I was really quite poorly. I didn’t want to go out socially and I kept putting off regular monthly get-togethers with my brothers.

“People would ask what was wrong with me. I confess it affected my mind. It was an horrendous journey,” Andy recalls.

An unlikely breakthrough came on a motorbike training course, where Andy met fellow two-wheels enthusiast, Robbie Domokos.

“We just hit it off and I was chatting about the problems I’d had with my teeth. Robbie told me about North Street Dental and Implant Clinic, where his father-in-law, Steven Burchell, is the principal.

“I made an appointment for a consultation and from the moment I walked in I knew this was meant to be.

“I have stringent standards and admit I’m a hard person to please, but it was so obvious Steve had a great team of people around him and the experience was faultless.” Andy says.

Andy’s treatment was overseen by resident dentist Polly (GDC No 188090) a Doctor of Dental Medicine, who has special interest in restorative cosmetic work. Polly joined the team in Dudley after working in Michigan, USA, at a prestigious cosmetic dental centre.

“With her nurse, Ann, she explained to me my options, but was told the four teeth had to come out. I’d not been told that before. I had periodontal disease and needed treatment for my gums . . . I’d not been told that either.

“I’m a terrible patient. I gag easily and wretch at hardly anything, but they were amazingly patient with me and just went at the pace I could manage. They were so generous with their time during the treatment.

“I decided to have a bridge to replace the teeth and the result is first class. The teeth look totally natural. You just can’t tell there’s a bridge there . . . the colour match, everything is perfect,” adds Andy.

On completion Andy celebrated by munching his way through a bag of apples. “Even my diet had changed. I couldn’t eat what I wanted because of the pain. I came back here [work] and the first thing I did was to ask for a bag of apples,” he says.

“I’m hard to please, I know, but I was so impressed with North Street my whole family is now signed up to their patient plan and for the first time I’ve even learned how to clean my teeth properly,” he concludes.

Polly says: “I am very pleased with the bridgework and to be able to recover function and the confidence of Andy. I’ve also initiated a support therapy to monitor closely his gums.

His gratitude was expressed with beautiful flowers for us. It’s a privilege to help.”

andy's case study

Andy’s case study – Andy after his treatment at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic

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