Case Studies

Case studies

Take a look at the case studies of our work at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic and see how we have come alongside these patients to help them achieve their goals with our creative dentistry.

Real people, real problems and real solutions – you can read about their treatment plans, their responses to our care and the happy clinical outcomes.

In these case studies there are examples from the patient perspective of extensive restorative work, the placing of implants and cosmetic dentistry.

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Among these case studies there is one we’re particularly proud of – Hayley – a 20-year-old pub management worker who needed extensive dental intervention, but was dental phobic.

We have a special interest in fearful patients and for those who are apprehensive Hayley’s case is a heartening read of how, with the right approach, things can dramatically change.

Our independent dental clinic, in North Street, Dudley, continues to attract a growing number of people who wish to share in dentistry that offers reliability and consistency – see the same dentist – and be part of a Dental Plan that has some of the keenest rates in the region.

John's case study


60 something

Implant retained dentures, denture stabilisation, dental phobia

case file andy


49 Years Old

Restorative dentistry, loose teeth, hereditary gum disease, bridgework

Hayley’s case study - Hayley after her treatment at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic


29 Years Old

Cosmetic dentistry, dental phobia, chipped teeth, crowns, root fillings

Lewis’s case study - Lew after his treatment at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic


67 Years Old

Stability issues, implant retained dentures

Jacqueline’s case study


57 Years Old

Implant retained overdentures, partial traditional denture

Esther’s case study after her treatment at North Street Dental Clinic


28 Years Old

Cosmetic dentistry, veneers, accident, broken teeth


35 Years Old

Invisalign treatment, orthodontics, dental phobia

Vicky’s case study - Vicky after her treatment at North Street Dental and Implant Clinic


Early 30s

Cosmetic dentistry, new generation veneers