Our charity for 2019: Black Country Foodbank

In the West Midlands last year (2018), 119, 946 people, including children, used the services of the Foodbank. This was a rise of 8% from the previous year.

The Black Country Foodbank helps vulnerable individuals and families in crisis through the provision of 3 days emergency food supplies while a longer-term solution is developed.

Black Country Foodbank at North Street Clinic

This year, we at North Street Dental Clinic have decided to sponsor the work of the Black Country Foodbank. After hearing of the work they do and reading the statistics from our local area, we knew we had to help where we could.

Our clinic logo has been printed on to one of the vans that collects and delivers the food to and from distribution centres so keep your eyes peeled if you spot the van out and about!

North Street Clinic now a collection point

Our clinic is also going to be a collection point which means people can leave food and toiletry donation items with us and we will get the food to the local distribution centres ready to be packed for those in need.

The foodbank accept long-life foods which means foods that have a long shelf life such as, tinned meats, fruits and vegetables, packet soups/meals, dried pasta, rice, sauces in jars, tea bags, instant coffee, UHT milk, cereals, dried healthy snacks such as raisins and apricots and bottles of squash.

The foodbank also distribute toiletry items such as shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll, sanitary towels, nappies, baby toiletries, washing up liquid, and small boxes of washing powder.

Here is a list of the current shortages in the foodbank warehouse. (There is a full list of the items they accept on the website, we will link it below).

Shortages in food items January 2019

Fruit juice
Packets of mash
Tinned fruit
Small jars of coffee
Hot chocolate

Shortages in non-food items January 2019

Shaving foam
Small boxes of washing powder

Black Country Foodbank

If you would like to donate food to our clinic, please bring your donation along and we will put the items in our donation point ready to be collected by the Foodbank team.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Black Country Foodbank and for a full list of the items they accept, please visit their website at www.blackcountryfoodbank.org.uk

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