Air Flow polishing – the new way for cleaner, brighter teeth!

  • More Comfortable Stain Removal
  • Reduces Teeth Sensitivity
  • Faster Cleaning – one appointment
  • Improves Aesthetics
  • Aiding Whitening Treatment

North Street Dental and Implant Clinic now have a new polishing machine and we are excited about it!

The innovative Air Flow polishing technique uses a machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

Air Flow polishing before treatment

Air Flow polishing – before treatment

Air Flow polishing – after treatment

How it works

The powerful yet controlled jet of water, air and fine powder polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque, discolouration and soft deposits. It is far more efficient than traditional scale and polish treatment at removing stubborn stains.

Air polishing is completely safe to use with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges and orthodontics.

Anyone who has ever cringed as a scaling tool touches their teeth or a polishing disc presses onto tooth enamel will welcome air polishing for its painless, fast and non-invasive method of cleaning.

For full information on this revolutionary new cleaning treatment please visit our Air Flow polishing page. Here you can also watch a video showing the procedure and the achievable results when using this treatment.

If you are interested in this treatment and want that cleaner and brighter smile, give us a call today on 01384 254 067 or fill out the contact form on the Air Flow page.

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